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Auto Truck Group Awarded Ship Through for Ram ProMaster™

Bartlett, IL—June 12, 2013—Auto Truck Group, an upfitter specializing in design, manufacture and installation of truck equipment, was recently awarded ship through status and codes for the Ram ProMaster™ (cab chassis and cutaway) for two Auto Truck Group facilities including Bartlett, Illinois and Fort Wayne, Indiana. 
The ship through code is 99757A for Bartlett, and 99751A for Fort Wayne. The ProMaster models that can be ordered include VF2L02, VF3L04, VF3L05, VF3L32, VF3L34 and VF3L35. When fleets order the new Ram ProMaster™ and use the Auto Truck Group ship through code, the vehicles will be sent directly to Auto Truck Group’s facility for upfitting. Once the upfitting is complete, the vehicles will be returned to the factory to be entered into Chrysler’s transportation system to the end destination. 

“We are excited to offer the Ram ProMaster™ products via ship through to our customers,” says Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dennis Jones. “Quality, consistency and cost effective delivery are reasons for using a Ship Through program.”

Ship through is primarily used by companies who have large fleets of vehicles, or whose fleet is spread out over a large area, or both. Currently, Auto Truck Group has ship through capabilities with four OEMs. 

About Auto Truck Group

Auto Truck Group is one of the leading work truck upfitters in North America. Founded in 1918, Auto Truck Group serves the continental United States and Canada with nine service centers and ship through service with four of the top OEM manufacturers. Auto Truck Group specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of truck equipment for a wide variety of customers, trades, and industries. From custom orders to entire fleets, Auto Truck Group is ready to help pool/dealer customers, fleets, commercial users, including those working in construction, energy and telecommunications, utilities, municipal and state governments, railroads, and many other businesses and industries. For more information, contact Auto Truck Group at 855-AutoTrk (288-6875), or visit www.AutoTruck.com

For additional information, contact:

Dennis J. Jones, Auto Truck Group
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Tel 260-493-1800

Eric Schoenfeld, Auto Truck Group
Marketing Manager
Tel 630-540-7248