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Air Compressors

Air Compressors

Air compressor technology has come a long way. Today’s air compressors are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and more durable – and most are designed for specific applications, so it is important that you choose the right compressor for your tools, your drive system, and your working conditions.

Auto Truck Group offers more than 15 models including reciprocating and rotary screw types; hydraulic driven and PTO driven; above-deck, under-deck, skid-mounted, wheel mounted, under-hood, and portable units from leading manufacturers.

Auto Truck Group offers rotary screw air compressors by Boss Industries. Both PTO drive and hydraulic drive models are available, including deck-mounted, underdeck- and side-mounted units. Boss advanced design allows you the option to choose up to 185 cfm.
Heavy-duty IMT (Iowa Mold Tooling) rotary screw air compressors operate continuously to deliver air-on-demand, while the reciprocating models offer long-lasting value. They are available in 40 cfm, 45 cfm, 60 cfm, 85cfm, and 110cfm systems, and either PTO or hydraulic drive.
VMAC (Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors) engineers and manufactures 70cfm and 150cfm UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems, 40cfm and 60cfm PREDATAIR hydraulic driven Air Compressor Systems, 60cfm RAPTAIR stand-alone diesel drive Air Compressor Systems, and THROTTLE COMMANDER 3-speed engine throttle controls.  UNDERHOOD and PREDATAIR Air Compressors feature high-powered rotary screw air-on-demand technology.  Both systems are ideal for use on work trucks in applications such as mining, construction, tire-service, fire-apparatus and municipal operations.