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Material Handler

Material Handler
Regular Cab,
22' Platform Body,
Crane, Grapple, Magnet
& Rail Gear

Chassis Specifications:
Freightliner 114SD 6x4
254" WB / 185" CT, 58,000 lbs. GVWR
Exterior Color: White
Detroit Diesel Engine DD13
435 HP @ 1800 RPM
1500 ft/lbs Torque @ 1100 RPM
CARB Compliant
Engine Brake
Tachometer, Engine Hour Meter
Engine Block Heater
Fuller RTO-16908LL Transmission
Air Conditioning, Air Horn
AM/FM Radio
Exterior Mirrors - Heated
Horizontal/Horizontal Exhaust
Air Brakes
Air Ride Seats
18,000 lbs. Set Back Front Axle
40,000 lbs. Rear Axles
Extended Front Frame for Rail Gear
Trailer Connections, Air
HD Batteries (3)
80 Gallon Fuel Tank
Tires (front) 385/65R22.5, Tires (rear) 11R22.5
Rear Suspension with Override System

Equipment Package:
22' Heavy Duty Platform Body
Front and Rear Bulkheads
Removable Vertical Side Post
Removable Wood Plank Sides
(2) Side Access Ladders
Material Tie Down Winches and Straps
In Floor Grapple & Magnet Storage
Palfinger PRL-260
135,250 ft/lbs
Hydraulic Out/Down Outriggers
Manual Controls for Crane & Outriggers
400º Rotation
27' 11" Maximum Reach
Catwalk w/Side Access Ladders
Crane Seat at Top of Crane Mast
2 Function Hose Kit to end of Boom
Bubble Level
(2) Aluminum Outrigger Extensions
Frame mounted Holders for Extensions
Heiden HC-20-AHR-4 Railroad Tie Grapple
Continuous Rotation
1.5" Heavy Duty Tines, Straight Tine Ends
Replaceable/Exchangeable Jaws
Magnet Hookup Accommodations
Bypass Type
Hydraulically Driven Sieb Magnet System
30" Lifting Magnet
8/2 Lead with Quick Disconnects
5kw Generator, Volt Meter
Safety Disconnect
On/Off Switch at Manual Crane Controls
DMF RW-1630
Manual Front Pins
Front Brakes, Front Rail Sweeps
Remote Rear Air Pins
FRA Annual Rail Gear Inspection, Track Tested
25 Ton Pintle Hitch, Electric Brake Controllers
Air Glad Hands, Trailer Socket
In Cab Switch Panel
Remote Battery Terminal & Jumper Cables
Center Console
Grip Strut Steps Under Cab Steps
(2) Amber Strobe Lights
Flashing Light System
(4) Work Lights (Rear Bulkhead & Catwalk)
Back-Up Alarm, (2) Wheel Chocks
Fire Extinguisher, Triangle Reflector Kit
Conspicuity Striping
Mud Flaps (Rear)
Underbody Box, Streetside

Equipment Options 1:
Shunt System
Remote Drive System
Extra Underbody Box
Hydraulic Tool Circuit
Pallet Forks
Clam Shell Bucket
Butt-type Grapple

¹ Some equipment options are not compatible with each other.
Please contact Auto Truck Group for assistance when choosing options.
2 Pricing does not include applicable Federal Excise Taxes.

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