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Super Cab Full Size Pickup

 Hi-Rail Pickup
8' Full Size
SRW 4x4
With Rail Gear

Chassis Specifications:
Ford F-350
      Super Cab, 8' Bed, 4x4
      6.2L V8 Gasoline Engine
      GVWR Chevy: 9,900 / Ford: 10,000
      6 SpeedAutomatic Transmission
      Engine Block Heater
      Roof Clearance Lights
      Trailer Tow Package
      Electric Brake Controller
      Telescopic Side Mirrors
AM/FM Stereo
Power Equipment Group
Equipment Package:
L.D. Hydraulic Rail Gear
      Steel Tread Guide Wheels
      Insulated, Sight Rods
      Rail Sweeps, Front
      String Alignment, Track Tested
      FRA Annual Rail Gear Inspection
8'Long Service Body
      Painted White to Match Chassis
      Stainless Steel 3-Point T-handle Twist Latches
      14' Tailgate with Single Release Lever
      Rotary Master Lock System at Rear of Body
      LED DOT Lighting
Full Length/Width Steel Ladder Rack
Remote Battery Terminal and Jumper Cables
In Cab Switch Panel for Lighting
Two LED Amber Beacon Strobe Light
LED Driving Lights (Front & Rear)
Corner Mount LED Strobe Light System (Front & Rear)
Grip Strut Style Running Boards
Stainless Steel Grab Handles for Cab Entry
Mud Flaps Behind Front Wheels
Safety Kit
      2.5LB Fire Extinguisher Mounted in Cab
      Reflective Triangle Flare Kit
      Backup Alarm
      Conspicuity Striping
¹ Some equipment options are not compatible with each other.
Please contact Auto Truck Group for assistance when choosing options.
Products shown include optional aluminum rims and strobe bar.

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