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We put the work in work trucks.
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About Ship Through

Ship Through offers many benefits to the fleet managers, purchasing departments and field personnel who take advantage of our service. Some of the more important benefits are:

Consistency - Each fleet vehicle produced, including the equipment installed, will conform to fleet specifications. This is a major advantage for fleets who are nationwide or conduct business over a large portion of the United States. Using the convenient Auto Truck Group Ship Through process and Auto Truck - Fort Wayne and Auto Truck - Louisville as the equipment installer, will ensure that the fleet vehicle, regardless of where it is domiciled, will be built to exact fleet specifications.

Volume Discounts - By using Auto Truck Group, the fleet is able to realize savings through volume discounts. Additionally, Auto Truck Group is able to maintain an inventory of the fleet's specific equipment, which can greatly reduce lead-time when an order is placed.

Credibility - Before Auto Truck - Fort Wayne and Auto Truck - Louisville were approved and assigned a Ship Through code, we underwent a review process by the motor company which included a thorough credit check and physical inspection of our facilities. The fleet manager can feel secure in a decision to award Auto Truck Group new business knowing that we have satisfied the stringent requirements of the review process.

Liability Insurance - Auto Truck Group carries liability insurance to protect us and our fleet customers.

Electronic Capability - Auto Truck - Fort Wayne and Auto Truck - Louisville, as the Ship Through equipment installer, must satisfy the fleet's requirements regarding the electronic transfer of information by means of advanced computer systems. Anticipating these requirements, we have state-of-the-art systems already in place.

Quality Control - By using the ship through process, a fleet can exercise control over the quality of its completed vehicles by monitoring the work of one select vendor, in one location, whose work force, ship facilities and expertise are of a consistently high level.

Efficiency - By using Auto Truck Group, the fleet operations manager is able to accurately forecast equipment requirements for the entire fleet. Field personnel will no longer be required to spend valuable production time sourcing equipment and suppliers.

Scheduling - By using Auto Truck Group and the Ship Through process, the fleet is able to control equipment installation schedules. The fleet operations manager is able to prioritize the production schedule to accommodate specific field requirements. The fleet manager and Auto Truck Group personnel work together to coordinate the delivery of materials and components, thereby ensuring the timely delivery of vehicles.

Mileage - Because vehicles are transported by truck carrier or rail to and from the facilities, they are delivered to the end user with little or no mileage registered on the odometer.

Special Equipment
 - Using Auto Truck Group and the Ship Through process affords the fleet manager a higher level of confidence that specialized equipment will be manufactured and installed to conform with fleet specifications.