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Drop Ship Codes

Drop ship is a method of truck transfer and final delivery. A chassis is selected or ordered directly from the manufacturer and delivered directly to Auto Truck. This reduces the amount of time to begin upfitting the chassis with the customer's desired equipment since it cuts out the middle step of delivery to a dealer. Once the truck is completed, it is then delivered directly to the customer or dealer for delivery. Drop Ship is also used in cases when ship-through is not possible due to the size of the completed truck. Trucks that cannot physically fit back into the ship-through carriers are often drop shipped instead.

     Auto Truck  
Auto Truck
Fort Worth
Auto Truck
Kansas City
Auto Truck
Fort Wayne
Auto Truck
St. Louis
Chevy 54048 68591 31983 59822 61358
Chevy BAC 134743 147686 203335 133156 288826
GMC 54048 68591 31983 56033 61358
GMC BAC 134743 147686 203335 133156 288826
Ford 88NX79 88RDP1 88QFG6 88MW23  
FCA T1560 T9474 T5600 T5299 T2098
Jeep T1560     T5299  
Toyota  12200  42535  24860  13100  24859
International B02953   B02822 B02734  
Nissan X2485 X2486 X2487 X2491  

     Auto Truck
Co. Springs
Auto Truck
Auto Truck  
Auto Truck
New Jersey
Auto Truck
Chevy 59812 47864 68876 61457 88411
Chevy BAC 132000 210539 214109 286043 305544 
GMC 56925 47865 68876 61457 88411 
GMC BAC 132000 210539 214109 286043 305544 
Ford 88TZ11 88THO2 88MAV5 88DNX8 88GSP5
FCA T4845 T8895 T8488 T9963 T1870
Jeep T4845 T8895   T9963  
Toyota 05790  05781  16889  29705 39889
International B02850        
Nissan X2489 X2488 X2490 X2692