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Friday, 06 March 2015 06:44

Delivery Van Equipment Trade Packages

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When your business includes basic delivery, you need a work van that can quickly transport your goods and cargo securely to your customers. Your work van should allow you to be able to deliver a maximum cargo load but also give you easy access to smaller items. Your productivity can increase when you can quickly locate and deliver what your customers need.

Delivery-Van-Equipment-Trade-PackageOur van equipment trade packages specifically designed for delivery services
provide a pre-selected assortment of van equipment and accessories that offer adjustable shelving and a protective bulkhead that provides optimal visibility of your valuable cargo. 

The Auto Truck Group can customize your basic delivery work van according to model, style and vehicle type. Additional van equipment and accessories solutions are also available.

Let the Auto Truck Group upfit your work van with the following WEATHER GUARD® packages for your delivery requirements:

Full Size Van
600-9100 (Universal), 600-9130 (Nissan NV)

          Quantity For  
      Model  Description  Universal  Nissan 
  1   96101-3-01 Full Size Van Bulkhead 1  
  1   96201-3-01    Nissan NV Van Bulkhead   1
  2   9344-3-02 Van Shelf Unit 46" High X 42" 1 1
      9724-3-01 42" Nissan Floor Mounting kit (not pictured)   1
   3   9345-3-02 Van Shelf Unit 46" High X 52"
      9725-3-01 52" Nissan Floor Mounting kit (not pictured)  

High-Roof Van
600-9200 (Sprinter), 600-9230 (Nisssan NV HR)

          Quantity For  
      Model  Description  Sprinter  Nissan NV 
     96121-3-01 High Roof Van Bulkhead  1  
     96201-3-01 Nissan NV Van Bulkhead     1
     96901-3-01 Swing Door Kit  1  1
     9364-3-02 Van Shelf Unit 62" High X 42"  1  1
       9724-3-01 42” Nissan Floor Mounting kit (not pictured)    1
     9366-3-02 Van Shelf Unit 62" High X 60"  2   
     9365-3-02  Van Shelf Unit 62" High X 52"    2
     9725-3-01 52" Nissan Floor Mounting kit (not pictured)    2

Compact Size Van 600-9300

      Model  Description  Quantity
  1   96511-3-01 Compact Size Van Bulkhead 1
    9336-3-02 Van Shelf Unit 32" High X 60"
    9333-3-02  Van Shelf Unit 32" High x 36" 

Weather Guard Van  Configurator
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New Weather Guard® Van Configurator
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