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We put the work in work trucks.
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Sunday, 25 January 2015 19:33

Plumber Van Equipment Trade Packages

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Plumbers and plumbing contractors need to organize, secure and transport their equipment and tools of their trade in their work vans for every project. When you rely on your tools and equipment daily. having them easily accessible and organized can greatly improve your productivity on the job. Understanding this, the Auto Truck Group provides van equipment solutions specifically for plumbers and plumbing contractors. 

Plumber-van-equipment-275x157These trade 
packages specifically for plumbers provide a pre-selected assortment of van equipment and accessories that offer the optimal interior storage and organization for your plumbing needs. Packages may include a bulkhead, adjustable shelving, drawer cabinets, shelf doors, pull out storage and other accessories. 

The Auto Truck Group works with plumbers to customize their work van interior and exterior requirements. Each van equipment customization is specific to model, style, vehicle type, brand, and wheel base. Additional products are also available to further customize your work van to include exactly what your plumbing business requires. 

Let the Auto Truck Group upfit your work van with the following WEATHER GUARD® packages for plumbers and plumbing contractors:

 Plumber01 600-8112L PI  Plumber02 600-8112R PI  Plumber03 600-8212L PI  Plumber04 600-8212R PI
Plumber Van Package, Full-Size, Ford Transit, 148 WB Plumber Van Package, Full-Size, Ford Transit, 130 WB Plumber Van Package, Mid-Roof, Ford Transit, 148 WB Plumber Van Package, Mid-Roof, Ford Transit, 130 WB
 Plumber05 600-8242 PI  Plumber06 600-8312L Pl  Plumber07 600-8412L PI  Plumber08 600-8412X PI
Plumbing Van Package, RAM ProMaster Plumbing Van Package, 2014 Ford Transit Connect, LWB   Plumber Van Package, High-Roof, Ford Transit, 148 WB   Plumber Van Package, High-Roof, Ford Transit, 170 XWB  
Plumber09 600-9102 600-9132 PI   Plumber10 600-9102 600-9132 PI  Plumber11 600-9202 600-9232 PI  Plumber12 600-9202 600-9232 PI
Plumbing Van Package, Full-Size, Ford, GM   Plumbing Van Package, Full-Size, Nissan NV   Plumbing Van Package, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter   Plumbing Van Package, High-Roof, Nissan NV  

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