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Monday, 02 February 2015 12:35

Van Bulkheads and Partitions

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van-bulkheads-partitionsVan bulkheads and van partitions separate the driver compartment from the cargo area. The van bulkhead is primarily installed to protect the driver and passengers from being hurt or distracted from shifting work equipment, tools, and cargo that are being transported in a work van. The van bulkhead can be solid, perforated or have mesh or paned windows to allow you to see your cargo safely.

Van bulkheads also provide additional benefits such as reducing the noise level within the driver compartment and creating a sealed controlled space for the driver that can be heated and cooled more efficiently than an entire van interior. Van bulkheads can be customized with storage and accessories that make it easier to organize and secure your work tools and allow them to be easily accessible when you need them.

Let the Auto Truck Group upfit your work van with the following WEATHER GUARD® bulkhead van equipment:

Van-Bulkhead01 96511-3-02 PI Van-Bulkhead02 96111-3-02 PI Van-Bulkhead03 96301-3-01 PI Van-Bulkhead04 96511-3-01 PI
Window Bulkhead, Compact, 2014 Ford Transit Connect   Mesh Bulkhead, Compact, 2014 Ford Transit Connect   Window Bulkhead, Low Roof, Ford Transit   Window Bulkhead, Compact, Ford Transit Connect  
Van-Bulkhead05 96111-3-01 PI  Van-Bulkhead06 96302-3-01 PI  Van-Bulkhead07 96311-3-01 PI  Van-Bulkhead08 96312-3-01 PI 
Mesh Bulkhead, Compact, Ford Transit Connect Mesh Bulkhead, Low-Roof, Ford Transit Window Bulkhead, Mid-Roof, Ford Transit Mesh Bulkhead, Mid-Roof, Ford Transit
Van-Bulkhead09 96321-3-01 PI Van-Bulkhead10 96322-3-01 PI Van-Bulkhead11 96101-3-01 PI Van-Bulkhead12 96102-3-01 PI
Window Bulkhead, High-Roof, Ford Transit   Mesh Bulkhead, High-Roof, Ford Transit  Window Bulkhead, Full-Size, Ford, GM  Screen Bulkhead, Full-Size, Ford, GM 

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